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>>Get Up and DanceJanuary 2019  
>>Myanmar: Whose People Shine as Bright as Their Gleaming...January 2019  
>>You're Parking Where?January 2019  
>>Individual Retirement AccountsJanuary 2019  
>>Slow Cooker Food SafetyJanuary 2019  
>>Laser or Ink Jet Printer?January 2019  
>>Overcoming Barriers to ChangeJanuary 2019  
>>Living with Rodney DangerfieldJanuary 2019  
>>Book review of "Circe" by Madeline MillerJanuary 2019  
>>One Man’s Vision is Reshaping Our NeighborhoodsDecember 2018  
>>SCAMS: Protect Your Money, Your Resources and Your PridDecember 2018  
>>Queens is the King of Big Apple's DiversityDecember 2018  
>>Ditch Quick-Fix DietsDecember 2018  
>>Can Bad Handwriting Cause Legal Trouble?December 2018  
>>Drive Safer with Hands Free TechnologyDecember 2018  
>>Vehicle BurglariesDecember 2018  
>>Holiday Celebrating Without the GuiltDecember 2018  
>>Christmas with Margaret O'BrienDecember 2018  
>>Review of "A Ladder to the Sky" by John BoyneDecember 2018  
>>10 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Healthy this WinterNovember 2018  
>>A 'Happy Days' Thanksgiving with Mrs. C.November 2018  
>>I'm Not LeavingNovember 2018  
>>Surviving Thanksgiving with DiabetesNovember 2018  
>>Computers, Laptops & Tablets, Oh My!November 2018  
>>Abuse of Persons with Infirmities Through Electronic MeNovember 2018  
>>6 Ways to Protect Your EyesightNovember 2018  
>>It's Time to Understand DepressionNovember 2018  
>>Review of "Dare to Lead" by Brené BrownNovember 2018  
>>Let's Go Fly a KiteOctober 2018  
>>8 Disaster Tips Plus a DIY First Aid KitOctober 2018  
>>Autumns Nutrient-Rich Seasonal ProduceOctober 2018  
>>Think Your Marriage is Bad?October 2018  
>>Speed It Up!October 2018  
>>Can the News Affect Your Waistline?October 2018  
>>Elvira's Halloween Safety Tips for PetsOctober 2018  
>>Review of "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia October 2018  
>>5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Beautiful MindSeptember 2018  
>>Engage at Every AgeSeptember 2018  
>>Savannah: Stately Old and Proudly NewSeptember 2018  
>>I'm Tired of WaitingSeptember 2018  
>>What Happens if I Get Sued?September 2018  
>>Small Steps: Making Our Healthy Choices CountSeptember 2018  
>>Defend Yourself from HackersSeptember 2018  
>>Good Mental Health - No Different Than Good Physical HeSeptember 2018  
>>Review of "A Terrible Country" by Keith GesseSeptember 2018  
>>The Multi-talented Richard HerdSeptember 2018  
>>CeCe the Therapy ClownAugust 2018  
>>Creative Expression: Good for Your BrainAugust 2018  
>>Bhutan: Happy and Hidden in the HimalayasAugust 2018  
>>Beverly Washburn's Favorite Co-starsAugust 2018  
>>Wildlife Areas & ParksAugust 2018  
>>Casting for a Bigger PictureAugust 2018  
>>The Case of the Unused BathroomAugust 2018  
>>The Great Whole GrainAugust 2018  
>>Living Well with a DisabilityJuly 2018  
>>Create an Accessible LifestyleJuly 2018  
>>Coping with DisabilityJuly 2018  
>>Eating Well After a StrokeJuly 2018  
>>Disabilities, Smelly Fish, Bathrooms, and SnakesJuly 2018  
>>Child in Need of Care CasesJuly 2018  
>>Recovering from RansomwareJuly 2018  
>>Eric Braeden Still King of Daytime DramaJuly 2018  
>>Review of Beartown by Fredrik BackmanJuly 2018  
>>How to be a Texas CowpokeJuly 2018  
>>The Story of Your LifeJune 2018  
>>Pursuing the Dream: The Civil Rights TrailJune 2018  
>>How Many Spam Calls Can a Person Take on Their CellphonJune 2018  
>>Nutrition Information: Fact or FictionJune 2018  
>>Too Late!June 2018  
>>Data Backup ConsiderationsJune 2018  
>>Review of "Tangerine" by Christine ManganJune 2018  
>>Durham Looks Back at The SeekersJune 2018  
>>Festive Fiesta FlavorsJune 2018  
>>Sharing the Joy of Music: Barr Connects Young and Old T...May 2018  
>>A Time Traveling Trip to an Earlier AmericaMay 2018  
>>Don't Fall Victim to These Myths About MedicareMay 2018  
>>7 Genius Home Remedies for Bug BitesMay 2018  
>> Ross Writes 'Happy Days' and More in New MemMay 2018  
>>Review of "Sometimes I Lie" by Alice FeeneyMay 2018  
>>Computer Shopping: Where to Begin?May 2018  
>>Dietary Fiber: Essential for a Healthy DietMay 2018  
>>Death of the Signature?May 2018  
>>Unopened SuccessionsMay 2018  
>>Hoopaholics: Women Play Hard & Make Enduring FriendApril 2018  
>>Senior Olympians Prepared & Ready for BattleApril 2018  
>>Enjoying Juneau: An Alaskan SamplerApril 2018  
>>Increasing Our Wisdom About Food SafetyApril 2018  
>>You Can Run for Governor, But You Can't...April 2018  
>>Slow Computers: When is It Time for a New One?April 2018  
>>Carrying Guns in LouisianaApril 2018  
>>Have You Been Losing the "Joy" In Your Life?April 2018  
>>Review of The Great Alone by Kristin HannahApril 2018  
>>Hayley Mills Puts on Her 'Party Face'April 2018  
>>Yes, Sometimes It's Good to Say "No"April 2018  
>>From Skeptic to Believer: The Story of Shroud Photograp...March 2018  
>>Visiting the Horse Country of KentuckyMarch 2018  
>>Carrying Guns in Your Vehicles March 2018  
>>Internet Not Working? Here's How to Troubleshoot March 2018  
>>Water is Essential to LifeMarch 2018  
>>Use Our Form or Forget ItMarch 2018  
>>Marlyn Mason, More Than an Elvis GirlMarch 2018  
>>13 Gestures That'll Make Him Fall in Love All Over...February 2018  
>>More Than Art: A Cross-Country Trip That Opens Our EyesFebruary 2018  
>>Be Wary of Websites Warning of Computer VirusesFebruary 2018  
>>Calcium & Vitamin D: A Dynamic Duo for Healthy BoneFebruary 2018  
>>The Adventure of the Super Bowl TicketFebruary 2018  
>>Review of "The Dry" by Jane HarperFebruary 2018  
>>40 Years On, Debby Boone Still Lighting Up Our LivesFebruary 2018  
>>Audiobooks: Listen to your Next Great AdventureJanuary 2018  
>>Russia: Cruising the Waterways of the TsarsJanuary 2018  
>>Annuities: The Good and BadJanuary 2018  
>>A Church BetrayalJanuary 2018  
>>Emails. Fake or the Real Deal?January 2018  
>>New Year, New Lifestyle: The Mediterranean DietJanuary 2018  
>>Jay Sandrich Directed Classic SitcomsJanuary 2018  
>>Review of "Prairie Fires"January 2018  
>>Simple Sheet Pan SuppersJanuary 2018  
>>Making Spirits Bright: Extravagantly Decorated WonderlaDecember 2017  
>>Your Electronic Gift GuideDecember 2017  
>>A Christmas Treat in Colonial AmericaDecember 2017  
>>Some People Will Try Anything December 2017  
>>Does Estate Planning Matter? December 2017  
>>Give Your Heart a Break: Ways to Reduce Salt IntakeDecember 2017  
>>Does Your Temper Sometimes Take ControlDecember 2017  
>>The Roller-Coaster Life of Connie Francis December 2017  
>>Review of "Afterlife" by Marcus SakeyDecember 2017  
>>Holiday Entertaining ExcellenceDecember 2017  
>>Veterans: Building Bonds and Supporting One Another November 2017  
>>How Sybil Kelly Became an Army of OneNovember 2017  
>>Let the Good Times RollNovember 2017  
>>New Dating Violence Law Added by Louisiana LegislatureNovember 2017  
>>Don`t Overlook Food- Medication InteractionsNovember 2017  
>>In Their Shoes: Special Museums With a Personal TouchNovember 2017  
>>Valerie Harper Tackles Alzheimer`s in `My Mom and the GNovember 2017  
>>Aliens and Vampires and Werewolves, Oh My!October 2017  
>>The Long Tradition of Navajo PumpkinsOctober 2017  
>>Volunteering as a Way to Reduce Senior StressOctober 2017  
>>Bah! Humbug!October 2017  
>>Check-In Services That Can Help Seniors Stay PutOctober 2017  
>>Monetary Instrument AbuseOctober 2017  
>>Team Good Fat: Winning the Race to a Healthier HeartOctober 2017  
>>L.Q. Jones Reflects on Hollywood JourneyOctober 2017  
>> Turning 90, L.Q. Jones Reflects on Hollywood JourneyOctober 2017  
>>Review of A Haunted History of Louisiana Plantations October 2017  
>>Pass it On! Declutter for a CauseSeptember 2017  
>>5 Effective Tips to Talk with Aging Parents About Getti...September 2017  
>>Do You Feel You Matter?September 2017  
>>Why Should I Have to Pay?September 2017  
>>Finding Help for Seniors Addicted to OpioidsSeptember 2017  
>>Pipeline Easement Considerations for LandownersSeptember 2017  
>>Review of "Every Secret Thing" by Susanna KeaSeptember 2017  
>>Conservation and Preservation at a Colorado RanchSeptember 2017  
>>Barbara Rush and Her Leading MenSeptember 2017  
>>Totally EclipsedAugust 2017  
>>After the EclipseAugust 2017  
>>Science in the Sky August 2017  
>>I Can't Hear My DoctorAugust 2017  
>>Jury Service: Qualifications and ExemptionsAugust 2017  
>>New Medicare Cards Debut Next YearAugust 2017  
>>Facing the Challenge of Mid-Life DatingAugust 2017  
>>A Vegas Visit That's Tres MagnifiqueAugust 2017  
>>Singer Judy Collins Still Vocal on Social IssuesAugust 2017  
>>"Spoonbenders" by Daryl Gregory August 2017  
>>The Ultimate Con Now 60 Years GoneJuly 2017  
>>Food Waste is Money Down the DrainJuly 2017  
>>Take Steps to Minimize Memory LossJuly 2017  
>>Abby Sparklepants Goes to CourtJuly 2017  
>>How to Hire a Home HelperJuly 2017  
>>Be Aware When Using Notary Publics and ParalegalsJuly 2017  
>>The ABCs of America's Happiest Seaside Town: South...July 2017  
>>The Music Never Ends for Broadway Actress Susan WatsonJuly 2017  
>>Review of "Chemistry" by Weike Wang July 2017  
>>The Wineries of East Texas June 2017  
>>6 Scary Health Problems You Avoid by Avoiding Diabetes June 2017  
>>Time to Reduce the Worrying in Your LifeJune 2017  
>>The Richest Dog in the WorldJune 2017  
>>Can I Inherit My Parent's Debt? June 2017  
>>Scams Keep Targeting the ElderlyJune 2017  
>> Make Sure Your Property's Assessed Value is CorreJune 2017  
>>Walking in Anne Frank's FootstepsJune 2017  
>>Malaprop Master: Norm CrosbyJune 2017  
>>Review of "Celine" by Peter Heller June 2017  
>>Tips for Job Seeking SeniorsMay 2017  
>>Think FAST: Can You Recognize a Stroke?May 2017  
>>Considerations for People Looking at RetirementMay 2017  
>>Don't Let Depression Sneak Up On YouMay 2017  
>>HGTV and the LawMay 2017  
>>Working in Retirement Can Affect Your Social Security B...May 2017  
>>DIY Hair Treatments for Frizzy, Dry and Dull HairMay 2017  
>>What Does Retirement Look Like If You Haven't SaveMay 2017  
>>Get World Class Treatment in DenverMay 2017  
>>Marty Allen: Still Making 'Em LaughMay 2017  
>>The Quiet High of a Hot Air Balloon April 2017  
>>Senior OlympicsApril 2017  
>>Don't Become a VictimApril 2017  
>>Retirement Can Sometimes Bring Relationship IssuesApril 2017  
>>Is Possession Really Nine-Tenths of the Law?April 2017  
>>Find Affordable High-Speed Home Internet ServicesApril 2017  
>>5 Supplements That Make You Look Younger Than You AreApril 2017  
>>St. Louis: Spanning Past & Future April 2017  
>>Variety, the Spice of Ed Asner's LifeApril 2017  
>>Review of "Lincoln in the Bardo" by George Sa...April 2017  
>>Review of "Exit West" by Mohsin HamidApril 2017  
>>Review of "The Nix"March 2017  
>>Long Distance GrandparentingMarch 2017  
>>Warning Signs: 5 Scams Aging Parents Fall ForMarch 2017  
>>Make the Most of Your Rewards Program March 2017  
>>Surviving a Broken HeartMarch 2017  
>>What is the Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal?March 2017  
>>Avoiding Salt is Bad For Your Heart March 2017  
>>The Case of the Joint Bank Account March 2017  
>>Alaska - Where Fantasy Becomes Reality March 2017  
>>Fifty Years of the Carol Burnett ShowMarch 2017  
>>Group Exercise: Socialize, Energize & Stay StrongFebruary 2017  
>>Home Sweet Gone - Don't Ignore a Medicaid Estate R...February 2017  
>>Avoid Identity TheftFebruary 2017  
>>Handling Retirement And The Loss Of IdentityFebruary 2017  
>>5 Minute Health HacksFebruary 2017  
>>You Think Your Kids Are Bad!February 2017  
>>South Korea - From Hanboks to Headsets February 2017  
>>M*A*S*H*'s Loretta Swit Paints to Help Animals February 2017  
>>Review of "Named of the Dragon" by Susanna Ke...February 2017  
>>France Awards Shreveport Veteran the Legion of Honor January 2017  
>>'Gladys Ormphby' Settled Down in Texas January 2017  
>>Prepare for Medicare Part A and B Price Change in 2017 January 2017  
>>Can You Sign That For Me? January 2017  
>>From Flapjacks to Moonpies on the Kentucky Bourbon TraiJanuary 2017  
>>Review of "All the Birds in the Sky" by Charl...January 2017  
>>Area's Last Pearl Harbor Survivor RemembersDecember 2016  
>>How to Get a Good Night's SleepDecember 2016  
>>Stay Warm, Save Energy, and Lower Your Electric BillDecember 2016  
>>Holiday Time For SharingDecember 2016  
>>The Case of the Rich HusbandDecember 2016  
>>Keeping Alcohol Under Control During the HolidaysDecember 2016  
>>Small Towns Celebrate Christmas in Big WaysDecember 2016  
>>50 Years On, "Dark Shadows" Still Looms LargeDecember 2016  
>>Review of "The Sun & the Moon & the Rollin...December 2016  
>>12 Signs That Everything is Not Fine & What to DoNovember 2016  
>>How To Avoid Caregiver BurnoutNovember 2016  
>>Preparing to Become a CaregiverNovember 2016  
>>Do I Have to Serve on a Jury?November 2016  
>>I Voted. Want to See?November 2016  
>>This Is How You Feed Your BrainNovember 2016  
>>Review of "Before the Fall"November 2016  
>>One of Britain's Finest: Stephanie ColeNovember 2016  
>>Architecture, Archaeology and Adventure in Mesa VerdeNovember 2016  
>>Nursing Homes Provide Skilled CareOctober 2016  
>>Can You Hear What I Hear?October 2016  
>>Name That Slogan!October 2016  
>>Property Line Disputes October 2016  
>>Calling Doctor InternetOctober 2016  
>>Make Friends For A Longer, Healthier LifeOctober 2016  
>>Antibacterial Soap Going Bye-ByeOctober 2016  
>>Six Ways To Save On Your Next CarOctober 2016  
>>Review of "The Book of Speculation"October 2016  
>>Caped Crusader Burt Ward Now Canine CrusaderOctober 2016  
>>A Royal Contest in Louisiana's Cajun CountryOctober 2016  
>>Assisted Living Facilities: Offering Independence &...September 2016  
>>8 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy & SmartSeptember 2016  
>>Quilters Group Commemorates Life's EventsSeptember 2016  
>>All In The Family: How To Navigate Disagreements in Man...September 2016  
>>Take Your Stress For A Walk in the WoodsSeptember 2016  
>>Debt For Retirees Can Be a ProblemSeptember 2016  
>>Building A Financial Emergency KitSeptember 2016  
>>What Did My Doctor Say?September 2016  
>>How To Calm Down QuicklySeptember 2016  
>>We're Off To See The Wizard: The Oz and Aahs of Sa...September 2016  
>>Barbara Bain's Many FeaturesSeptember 2016  
>>Senior Living Options: Independent Living FacilitiesAugust 2016  
>>Protect Your Family: Proactively Prepare for EmergencieAugust 2016  
>>Planes, Penmanship, Phones, and PetsAugust 2016  
>>Keep Seniors Safe From AbuseAugust 2016  
>>Anyone Can Make Mistakes With Estate MattersAugust 2016  
>>7 Cool Things To Do With CucumbersAugust 2016  
>>The Spirit of Norway: A Trip to the Top of the WorldAugust 2016  
>>Lindsay Wagner's One (Bionic) Woman ShowAugust 2016  
>>Review of "Big Magic"August 2016  
>>25 Apps for SeniorsJuly 2016  
>>The New CentenariansJuly 2016  
>>Too Many Annoying E-MailsJuly 2016  
>>Cutting Your Medical Bills Via SmartphoneJuly 2016  
>>Which Should You Take, Advil or Tylenol?July 2016  
>>Home Improvement FraudJuly 2016  
>>Don't Fly Over NebraskaJuly 2016  
>>Carleton Carpenter: Actor, Author, & Lion TamerJuly 2016  
>>Review of "The Nest" by Cynthia D'Aprix ...July 2016  
>>Animal Therapy Promotes Hope, Healing, & HappinessJune 2016  
>>Minor Vinck: A Major Talent June 2016  
>>Reading: The Antidote to Loneliness June 2016  
>>I Thought There Would Be More in ThereJune 2016  
>>Victim's Rights Regarding RestitutionJune 2016  
>>Not All Cooking Oils Are Good For YouJune 2016  
>>Sea, Sand, and Ships: Twelve Days on the North Carolina...June 2016  
>>Singer Toni Tennille's Brush With HollywoodJune 2016  
>>Review of "Sleeping Giants" by Sylvain NeuvalJune 2016  
>>Home DNA Testing: Finding Past Roots and Future Health ...May 2016  
>>The Shreveport Summer Music Festival 40th AnniversaryMay 2016  
>>Keeping the Peace Between Adult Children in Estate PlanMay 2016  
>>My Doctor is Wrong!May 2016  
>>Be Careful Who You TrustMay 2016  
>>Hot Springs, A Town Where All is PossibleMay 2016  
>>Peter Mark Richman: The-Pharmacist-Turned ActorMay 2016  
>>Review of "The Water Museum" by Luis Alberto ...May 2016  
>>Chimps Find Forever HomesApril 2016  
>>Eye Care As You AgeApril 2016  
>>The Case of the Barking DogApril 2016  
>>Growing Summer Savings in the GardenApril 2016  
>>Funeral Costs and Payment AlternativesApril 2016  
>>5 Ways to Save Your Brain and Learn FasterApril 2016  
>>The Temple on the HillApril 2016  
>>Vintage Cavett Returns to TVApril 2016  
>>Review of "Kitchens of the Great Medwest"April 2016  
>>Helping Grandkids Pay for CollegeMarch 2016  
>>The Adventures of Georgia & RubyMarch 2016  
>>Senior Olympics Keep Getting BetterMarch 2016  
>>Sick Workers Should Stay HomeMarch 2016  
>>Making Phased Retirement Work For YouMarch 2016  
>>Social Media Is A Favorite Of CriminalsMarch 2016  
>>3 Surprising Options to Relieve MenopauseMarch 2016  
>>An Unlikely Place for MiraclesMarch 2016  
>>Audrey Dalton Survived a Titanic SinkingMarch 2016  
>>Review of "H is for Hawk" by Helen MacdonaldMarch 2016  
>>Doing the Work They LoveFebruary 2016  
>>Shreveport Then & NowFebruary 2016  
>>Health Care Changes Mean More Dollars Out of Seniors�...February 2016  
>>Snapshot Sleuth - February 2016February 2016  
>>The Case of the Life Insurance LiarFebruary 2016  
>>Keeping Your New Year's Financial ResolutionsFebruary 2016  
>>Car Burglaries Are On The IncreaseFebruary 2016  
>>Authentically ArizonaFebruary 2016  
>>Doris Day: Still An Animal's Best FriendFebruary 2016  
>>Book Review of "Trigger Warning"February 2016  
>>Alan Arthur: Portrait of an ArtistJanuary 2016  
>>What's New for Social Security in 2016?January 2016  
>>Leasing vs Buying Your New CarJanuary 2016  
>>CASA Volunteers Make a DifferenceJanuary 2016  
>>You Call That an ID?January 2016  
>>Relieve Joint Pain Without IbuprofenJanuary 2016  
>>Lost & Found in Rural AmericaJanuary 2016  
>>Betty Lynn: Keeping Mayberry AliveJanuary 2016  
>>Saving SauternesJanuary 2016  
>>Review of "Circling the Sun"January 2016  
>>Recent DVD Releases (Jan 2016)January 2016  
>>5 Truly Effective Ways to Fight Cold & FluJanuary 2016  
>>Christmas Carols: Do You Know Their Meaning?December 2015  
>>What Consumers Should Know About Chip CardsDecember 2015  
>>Where Camels Live & Good Will PrevailsDecember 2015  
>>What Am I Thinking?December 2015  
>>Check Your Automobile Insurance PoliciesDecember 2015  
>>Making Holidays Bright and AffordableDecember 2015  
>>The Case of the Illegal Happy HourDecember 2015  
>>Collagen for Healthy JointsDecember 2015  
>>Richard Anderson: From MGM to the Six Million Dollar MaDecember 2015  
>>In California, What is Old is New AgainDecember 2015  
>>Review of "Ready Player One" and "Armada...December 2015  
>>Once Upon a TimeNovember 2015  
>>Time Again to Check Your Medicare Health and Drug PlansNovember 2015  
>>4 Tips for a Healthier Retirement November 2015  
>>Savor the Season November 2015  
>>Top 5 Money Fears - And How to Tackle ThemNovember 2015  
>>Beware of Credit Card Fraud and ScamsNovember 2015  
>>Workplace StressNovember 2015  
>>Guilty Until Proven InnocentNovember 2015  
>>Market MystiqueNovember 2015  
>>A 'High Chaparral' Thanksgiving With Henry DaNovember 2015  
>>In Wine, Accidental Superstars AboundNovember 2015  
>>Book Review of "Station Eleven"November 2015  
>>Historic Hometown HauntsOctober 2015  
>>Haunted in North LouisianaOctober 2015  
>>Star Struck in Hollywood SouthOctober 2015  
>>10 Reasons Why You Might Be Financially StressedOctober 2015  
>>Empty Nest SyndromeOctober 2015  
>>Take Advantage of Your Smart PhoneOctober 2015  
>>The Thief Who Went to Hawaiian HarleyOctober 2015  
>>Last of 'The Honeymooners'October 2015  
>>Hippos in the HeartlandOctober 2015  
>>Looking for a Wine List Bargain? Go Off the Beaten PathOctober 2015  
>>Entertainment & Life in Shreveport BossierSeptember 2015  
>>Suicide Prevention Starts with Recognizing the Warning September 2015  
>>The Law Can Be a Circus at Times September 2015  
>>Over 50? Supersize Your Retirement SavingsSeptember 2015  
>>Child Custody Disputes Involving Parents Versus NonpareSeptember 2015  
>>The Green Tea Pee Connection September 2015  
>>Discovering Maycomb in Monroeville: The Mockingbird Con...September 2015  
>>Alligator TalesSeptember 2015  
>>So, You're Looking for a Good BookSeptember 2015  
>>Australia is Regaining Its MojoSeptember 2015  
>>Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels Remember 9/11September 2015  
>>70 Years Since the End of WWIIAugust 2015  
>>Blood of Heroes: National WWII MuseumAugust 2015  
>>R. W. Norton Art Gallery Oral History Project Preserves...August 2015  
>>Traffic Tickets Can Ruin More Than Your DayAugust 2015  
>>Unintended GiftsAugust 2015  
>>Love Comes in Many WaysAugust 2015  
>>Over My Dead Body!August 2015  
>>How to Take Dietary Supplements and MedicationsAugust 2015  
>>The Uniquely Gorgeous GorgeAugust 2015  
>>Nothing New Under the SunAugust 2015  
>>Arlene Dahl's Journey to Hollywood and BeyondAugust 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (August 2015)August 2015  
>>Forget the Flute and Toss the CoupeAugust 2015  
>>Grab the Bucket and RunJuly 2015  
>>Top 10 Tips for Preventing Elder Financial AbuseJuly 2015  
>>Parenting Adult ChildrenJuly 2015  
>>Why Are You Asking Me That?July 2015  
>>Money Management for the "Boomerang" HouseholJuly 2015  
>>Wills Must Follow FormJuly 2015  
>>Making Music in MaconJuly 2015  
>>Julie Newmar: Still the Cat's MeowJuly 2015  
>>Book Review of "The Breaking Point"July 2015  
>>Breaking Barriers with Alzheimer's DiseaseJune 2015  
>>3 Bright Ideas for Boosting MemoryJune 2015  
>>Caregiver StrongJune 2015  
>>Weird Causes and Easy Treatments for Dry EyesJune 2015  
>>Your Credit Score: Updates You Should KnowJune 2015  
>>Do You Have Privacy After You Die?June 2015  
>>Be Careful What You CommunicateJune 2015  
>>Help Me! I'm FallingJune 2015  
>>Beyond the Gumbo: An Offbeat Adventure in New OrleansJune 2015  
>>William Shatner's Trek Through FatherhoodJune 2015  
>>Rest Easy Wine Lovers, Perception is Easily FooledJune 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (June 2015)June 2015  
>>Planning the Trip of a LifetimeMay 2015  
>>Medicare "Doc Fix" Finally a Done DealMay 2015  
>>Protective OrdersMay 2015  
>>Debt and the DeceasedMay 2015  
>>The Case of the Back Yard PuddlesMay 2015  
>>Creating a Balanced LifeMay 2015  
>>Green Apples and Your BrainMay 2015  
>>United by Passion: Baltimore'sUnique MuseumsMay 2015  
>>Leslie Caron Danced Her Way to HollywoodMay 2015  
>>In Its Greatest Moments, Wine Provides an Idealized ReaMay 2015  
>>Book Review of "Endangered"May 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (May2015)May 2015  
>>5 Best Exercise Trends for the 50+ CrowdApril 2015  
>>Take 7 Steps to Supplement CautionApril 2015  
>>Energizing Through the ArtsApril 2015  
>>Dolly Parton: I'm Still Dreaming BigApril 2015  
>>How to Avoid an Online Vacation Rental ScamApril 2015  
>>You Thief!April 2015  
>>Managing Stress: It's in Your PowerApril 2015  
>>Natural Remedies That Help From Head to ToeApril 2015  
>>A World Class Event in a World Class CityApril 2015  
>>Conrad Janis: TV PioneerApril 2015  
>>Investing Our Hearts in ChampagneApril 2015  
>>Book Review of "A Spool of Blue Thread"April 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (April)April 2015  
>>18 Habits That Will Change Your LifeMarch 2015  
>>Decoding Your Taxes, Healthcare LawMarch 2015  
>>How to Survive and IRS AuditMarch 2015  
>>Reduce Inflammation Naturally With Nature's Pac-MaMarch 2015  
>>The Gift That Kept on TakingMarch 2015  
>>When is Drinking a Problem?March 2015  
>>The Judge's Role in Custody CasesMarch 2015  
>>Ripping Through the CatskillsMarch 2015  
>>The Ubiquitous William SchallertMarch 2015  
>>Book Review of "The Silent Sister"March 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (March)March 2015  
>>Dolly Parton: I'm Still Dreaming BigMarch 2015  
>>Voices of Change: 12 War Babies Who Entertained AmericaFebruary 2015  
>>E-Healthy!February 2015  
>>A Legacy of LoveFebruary 2015  
>>Natural Cures for What Ails YouFebruary 2015  
>>The Case of the Flying HotdogFebruary 2015  
>>ResilienceFebruary 2015  
>>Cold Weather PrecautionsFebruary 2015  
>>Resetting Your Life for RetirementFebruary 2015  
>>San Antonio's Grand FiestaFebruary 2015  
>> Three Wine Trends to Watch for in 2015February 2015  
>>Book Review of Lives in RuinsFebruary 2015  
>>Rich Little Still ImpressesFebruary 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (February 2015)February 2015  
>>Costars Remember Elvis the ActorJanuary 2015  
>>Resolve to Get HealthierJanuary 2015  
>>Joe's Unclaimed Property FindJanuary 2015  
>>Price Discrimination That's Totally LegalJanuary 2015  
>>Curcumin and Curry Spice Help Diabetes and CancerJanuary 2015  
>>The Power of Choice in Mental WellnessJanuary 2015  
>>Serving on a Jury is a PrivilegeJanuary 2015  
>>What You Need to Know Before Reading New Social Securit...January 2015  
>>A Quest for the "Ests"January 2015  
>>Rethinking the Tasting NoteJanuary 2015  
>>The Best Books of 2014January 2015  
>>The Automobile Name GameJanuary 2015  
>>Recent DVD Releases (January 2015)January 2015  
>>Choo Choo Choosing a Hobby: The Wonderful World of Mode...December 2014  
>>On Track with History: Red River Valley Historical Trai...December 2014  
>>Gift Guide for Book LoversDecember 2014  
>>Honoring the Emotional Needs of Those Facing the Holida...December 2014  
>>Don't Be Surprised by Retiree Healthcare CostsDecember 2014  
>>How Spices Work Like MedicineDecember 2014  
>>Time Isn't Always on Your SideDecember 2014  
>>Dealing With a LossDecember 2014  
>>Niagara Falls Bash - Canada's Grand Year's Ev...December 2014  
>>And The Oscar Went To ... Maureen O'HaraDecember 2014  
>>Hospice Care: A Different Kind of HopeNovember 2014  
>>Thanksgiving Reflections of a CaregiverNovember 2014  
>>Ways to Help a Friend With CancerNovember 2014  
>>Considerations Before Entering Hospice CareNovember 2014  
>>Weigh 2015 Medicare Part D, Advantage Plans CarefullyNovember 2014  
>>How To Deal With...November 2014  
>>I Never Agreed to ThatNovember 2014  
>>Amidst the Spires of OxfordNovember 2014  
>>New Zealand Offers More Than Hobbits and Sauvignon BlanNovember 2014  
>>James Drury's Next Generation "Virginian"November 2014  
>>Recent DVD Releases (November 2014)November 2014  
>>A Little Bit of MagicOctober 2014  
>>5 Things You Never Knew About DraculaOctober 2014  
>>Don't Take Any Chances: Get Your Flu Shot This FalOctober 2014  
>>Taming the Wolf: Understanding LupusOctober 2014  
>>Will Your Kids Inherit Your Debt?October 2014  
>>You Need Probiotics Year RoundOctober 2014  
>>Can My Bank Lie to Me?October 2014  
>>Up Close With the Upper ClassOctober 2014  
>>Virginia RisingOctober 2014  
>>Mary Ann's Lessons For LifeOctober 2014  
>>Joe and Marilyn: Legends in LoveOctober 2014  
>>You Might Be A HypoChondriac If...October 2014  
>>Recent DVD Releases (October 2014)October 2014  
>>Boomers on BikesSeptember 2014  
>>What Should I Buy With My Bookstore Certificate?September 2014  
>>Tips on Making A Positive Change in Your LifeSeptember 2014  
>>Take a Stand, Not a SeatSeptember 2014  
>>Uncover the Root Cause of Your DepressionSeptember 2014  
>>Make Sure Your Family Has a Disaster PlanSeptember 2014  
>>Gwen's LawSeptember 2014  
>>When Your Grandkids Go To CollegeSeptember 2014  
>>Breathless in DenverSeptember 2014  
>>Beaujolais: The Greatest Secret in WineSeptember 2014  
>>Nehemiah Persoff Retired From Screen to CanvasSeptember 2014  
>>Recent DVD Releases (September 2014)September 2014  
>>Getting on Board with Social MediaAugust 2014  
>>Travel Smarter This Vacation SeasonAugust 2014  
>>Aging in PlaceAugust 2014  
>>Stress ManagementAugust 2014  
>>No Cake for YouAugust 2014  
>>Fight to Find Out What Is Causing Your FibromyalgiaAugust 2014  
>>Demystifying Credit ScoresAugust 2014  
>>Memories From Past SummersAugust 2014  
>>Tippi Hedren Talks "Marnie"August 2014  
>>The Beach at the End of the TrailAugust 2014  
>>Travel in a BottleAugust 2014  
>>Facebook Pet Peeves August 2014  
>>Book Review of "The Skeleton Crew"August 2014  
>>Recent DVD Releases (August 2014)August 2014  
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